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more colored sketches!
sudden urge to furrify the mystery kids
grunkledoom asked : Hi there! I was just wondering what program you use when you draw? And also, I'm kind of curious about what brushes. I just love the feeling in your art uvu

hi! i’m sorry for the late reply!!

I mainly use Paint Tool SAI to draw! although i also use Photoshop for finishing touch (such as color balancing and other effects) :>

for brushes…. well, I don’t tweak brush that much… but here’s my main brushes on SAI.

I mainly use marker tool to make sketch/tidy sketch.


and brush for the color.


and last, a bit usage of non-customized [pen] to patch up the color. 

i hope that helps! ‘v’ );

P.S: THANKS SO MUCH!! i’m glad you enjoyed my stuffs :”D

for commission sample! (’ v ’ )b
based on Blithe Hollow High AU by meexart @ dA/tumblr (‘v’ !
i’ve been wanting to draw this sjkfhds such interesting AU
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